Happy Monday!

We had such a fun weekend! Camden had a blast at his pajama party at school on Friday and came home completely wired! I made a really great potato/broccoli/cheese soup for supper, which tasted so good in the midst of our cold winter weather (finally!). Saturday we lounged around in the morning and then went and met friends for lunch and went to the Schoolhouse Rock performance at the Nashville Children's Theater. Camden was mesmerized! He sat really well most of the way through. After every single song, however, he asked, "is it over?" Then when it was over, he says, "why is it over?" There's no pleasing him, I guess!

I have a very busy week ahead of me, but I'm not feeling like Scrooge yet, so that's good news! Maybe ask me at the end of the week. Sometimes the Christmas festivities (mostly involving work) just take over the season and make it hard to be excited about my own holiday events. I've got to get some Christmas shopping done soon! I have a total of 5 gifts under the tree, and 3 of them are gift cards.

I was able to do some scrapping this weekend. First, let me direct your attention to my cute new blog header. Is he cute in that Santa hat or what? Why did I not do this earlier (like when he was a baby??). I used a Kimberly Geswein blog banner template, and Tracy Ann's I Believe tag and ribbons. I really like the two layouts I did this weekend. The first is using a picture taken by my friend several weeks ago, and the second is an adorable picture of my friend's little girl! I loved scrapping in pink! Hopefully, I'll have more to share this week. I'm not expecting to get too much scrapping time in the next couple of weeks, though. How will I ever survive?


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