Snapshot #18

Outside my window: bright, bright sunshine and piles of melting snow

I am thinking: about a family I love going through a tough time.

I am thankful for: hot showers, pedicures, walking, washing dishes, baths, etc. - all things I could not do on Doxil but will now be in my immediate future

Future plans I'm looking forward to: Becky's spring break visit!

Kid funnies:

Not sure I would call this a funny, but they sat down to put this puzzle yesterday (only a snow day would make them pull out a puzzle these days) and couldn't decide how to work together so I made them put it together separately. Rory refuses to let Camden help her, and Camden refuses to acknowledge that any system other than his own might work.



Last 3 purchases: MAC lipstick that I'm returning, my beautiful new Patricia Nash bag that I've been waiting on for over a year - scored it for 65% off, and Crema whole bean coffee (it was a rash splurge, but I'm not sorry)


I am reading: Wool by Hugh Howey, The Young Elites by Marie Lu is queued up next.

In the kitchen: Tacos provided by Brian's school - enough for multiple meals, which is fantastic. Also, lots of sugar snap peas and the Pioneer Woman coffee cake I made Thursday morning.

On my frequent play-list: all things NeedtoBreathe, specifically Brother and Wasteland since I heard them live last weekend.

Watching: We saw The Maze Runner (take a pass) last night and The 100 Foot Journey a couple of weeks ago (lovely!)

Rest-of-the-day plans: Breakfast at IHOP using a gift card, picking up our Bountiful Basket, car shopping (yikes!), laundry, prepping lunch for tomorrow, making cookies to stick in the freezer for Becky's visit, etc.


Vicky said…
Yay Becky is coming! Love these snapshots of your life- they are glimpses, and yet they feel like well-lived and full parts of your life. xxoo
I love your snapshot! So excited that Becky is coming to visit! (I want to know what you think of "The Young Elites"... ok?!)

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