Catching Up

We're coming off several very busy weeks, and I can't remember the last time I had a morning at home. It was a gift to my introverted soul to have a stretch of 4ish hours to clean closets, do laundry, and organize dressers in peace. We've been barely surviving around here in terms of cooking/cleaning, and I'm feeling a little better about the weeks ahead now that I have a clean closet and clean sink.

I also spent time packing up Camden and Rory for a week-long visit to East Tennessee. Since Brian and I both have to work, they're going to spend their spring break at Gram and Gramp's house. Our weather is that weird mix of sunny and 78 degrees one day followed by rain and 40 degrees so pulling together enough clothes that still fit (uniforms certainly reduce the amount of extra/fun clothes they have) has been more challenging than I imagined. I've been scrounging around in rubbermaids and the backs of closets, but finally found enough so they'll at least have jeans and  t-shirts for the week. This is certainly a switch from when they were younger, and I felt as if it were my full-time calling to provide them with the cutest wardrobe possible. ;) Priorities change, I guess.

The kids have standardized testing all this week at school, and while Camden seems to be sailing right on through, Rory has been a BEAR morning and night. I think she feels the pressure to perform (through no fault of her parents or teacher, I might add!), and those tests have worn her little brain out.

Brian and I took advantage of a babysitter last weekend and went to see Insurgent. Let me spare you some time and money - it's horrible.

I see my oncologist again on April 7, and I will be curious as to what my CA125 is doing. I've got a feeling I'm in for a big jump based on how my stomach/bowels have been acting. I've learned to chase my twice-a-day Tamoxifen down with a Zofran and Tylenol because apparently I am in the 8-9% who experience nausea, headaches, and insomnia. Still, many people take this for years and it is certainly easier than IV chemo so I am not complaining.

Nashville has been beautiful this week as the flowers and trees bloom. Clarksville is just enough north that we are still looking at brown, but I know green is on its way! I am really looking forward to pulling out my big girl camera and taking photos this spring.

(but for now, here are the first pink blooms I saw this week - they are much prettier than my poor picture!)

The kids had a little program at school during their regularly-scheduled monthly chapel yesterday. Because of work, I had not planned to attend, but Rory burst into tears when I reminded her it was a work day for me, and I decided maybe it was important that I be present. Of course, when I arrived, Rory was too cool for her mama and pretended I wasn't even there. Stinker! Camden, however, was happy to see me.

My 15-minute break from the cleaning/organizing binge is over so I'm going to get back at it. Have a great weekend, friends!


Catching up is so good for the soul. I’m hoping to do that this week. A bit of catching up, a bit of digging out, a bit of preparing for the insanity spring brings!

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