Better Together

Brian's been gone the last 48 hours, and as if I didn't already know this, we're better together than apart. My hats off to those of you who regularly parent alone. It is no fun. After a particularly trying evening with one of our children, I settled into bed early with some TV. Daylight Savings Time is messing with both evenings and mornings so I was still awake at midnight and up at 4:12 a.m.

After a bad night, I was hoping for a good morning, but it just didn't happen. A cranky mama with a cranky kid is kind of a recipe for disaster. I can do the parenting thing alone if I have to, but Brian and I are meant to do it together and I'm grateful to have a partner. 

(came home from work yesterday to find this - runts are my favorite)



Flying solo is NO. JOKE. I seriously don't know how military spouses do it. I try very, very hard to be kind (to everyone, but mostly myself) while my other half is on the road.

I hope Brian is home soon... if he hasn't already returned!

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