I knew that I'd been pretty absent on the blog, but when I received the 4th email along with multiple texts and Facebook messages, I realized it has been a while.

Thanks, friends, for checking in with me. All is well. I am trying to keep up with life (and not feeling very successful). My brain feels sluggish and foggy these days although my mom suggested that my brain is not working more slowly than normal, it's just spread thin - and that's probably true. Work is busy. Kid issues are happening. Laundry and housework need doing. And I'm so very, very tired by the end of the day. And by end of the day, I mean 6ish. I really wish that were an exaggeration!

I have not picked up the camera since Becky and the boys left last week, but here's a snaphot of William and Camden just hanging out at the table reading . . . the same book . . . at the same time.



I still have some funny cousin pictures from last week to share. Maybe tomorrow?


Norman said…
I've been watching, too, Melissa!
Alex said…
Yep, I've been checking in too. :) Happy to see your cute pictures!
I've been trying to keep up too... and I. Just. Can't. Look how far behind I am!

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