We dropped the kids off Saturday afternoon with Brian's parents; spending a couple of child-free days is both awesome and sad. Awesome because in the first 24 hours we've done things like finish a conversation without being interrupted, watched a non-animated movie (The Good Lie if you're curious), shopped with no complaining, etc. Sad because, well, no extended good nights and I love you's.

It's possible I snuck upstairs just to take an affectionate peek at Camden's empty bed with his stuffed animals and blanket neatly piled up. Sigh.

And then I looked into Rory's messy room with the wet towel on top of her bed and felt my blood pressure rise.

Speaking of those stuffed animals, we're at a crossroads. Camden chose not to take any sleeping aids (he has both a blanket and animal) for the first time. Rory forgot hers (and was very upset about it), but I hear she's surviving. I'm not super sentimental (understatement!), but it made me feel a little teary-eyed.

One more detail about the kids so I don't forget: Camden wasn't overly thrilled about being gone from his bed/routine/parents, etc. for the week. Rory, however, climbed into Gram and Gramps' car without even a goodbye.

Brian and I both have a full slate this week so I'm sure it will fly by. I'm going to miss those kiddos like crazy, but I'm totally going to take advantage of fewer responsibilities and enjoy the quiet time.

You see this kid is officially taller than me!

Road trip


This sort of thing won’t be a reality for us (if ever) so I read this post many times this week, vicariously living through you!

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