Tuesday Tidbits

Rory is just FULL of it these days. She told us at supper the other night that now my cancer is gone,  I could just have another baby. And she was just giddy at the thought of it. CLEARLY we have not been upfront enough if (1) she thinks cancer is gone, (2) I can just have another baby, (3) there is no "another" since I never "had" one to begin with.

She has been calling me "mothah" for the last several days. She thinks she's speaking in Spanish.

Camden has mentioned several times that he wants to stay a kid. Last week it was because kids have more energy, read more, and enjoy things that "adults do not delight in."

Also, he says that "time has taken a toll on my voice - I can't hit the high notes the way I used to." That's only the beginning, buddy.

I managed to get in 3 walks this past week, and I am quite proud of myself. You do not even want to know how long it's been since I expended that much energy on exercise.

Speaking of expending energy, by the time Tuesday night rolls around, I am so. tired.

Good night, all!


Mayme said…
Emma is all about talking in Spanish right now. She calls it spinach which totally cracks me up. Poor Camden. Adults totally do not delight in the simple things that kids do. He is wise beyond his years.
Thank you for the much needed smiles! :)

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