National Wear Teal Day


It's National Wear Teal Day, and I don't really know how I feel about it. Surprisingly enough, I don't even own anything teal at this point. Except for my toes, of course.

As you may (or may not) know, September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day. And just like all the crazy breast cancer awareness gimmicks, ovarian has its own set, although not nearly as many as the big pink! If I'm honest, I'm feeling a little hyper aware of the attention for a couple of reasons.

First, maybe a little survivor's guilt? Never really thought of myself in those terms, mostly because there is still cancer present in my body but the reality is that our lives are moving forward in a great trajectory right now.  I know of several families dealing with hard things right now, some related to cancer and some not. Makes our worries about very long work hours for Brian, stress over little sleep and reduced family time seem petty.

Second, all the awareness is making me hyper sensitive to my own symptoms or non-symptoms. When you've had cancer, everything makes you think it's back and I've been dealing with some pretty strong anxiety over the last week or so.

Third, I just want to forget about it. I try to spend the 3 months in between oncology visits ignoring cancer in as big a way as possible. It's hard to do that with teal and pink (even though October is still 25 days away) flashing everywhere.

It was appropriate to read this blog post last night. I don't know this family. It was one of those links on Facebook that I rarely click through to see, but I was so glad I did. I'm not sure I've ever read a better explanation of why we can rejoice even when the news is bad. 

Because this post feels heavy, how about something fun?

Jean day at school this morning. Now that school is back in session, I'm so tired of polos and khakis (their uniform). It was fun to see them in something slightly different. And the best part of jean day? The school uses the money raised from paying for jean day to sponsor a missionary (a different one each semester).


Vicky said…
I hear you on the teal thing and the pink thing. Part of me is exhausted thinking about October already. I always live in a little bit of denial in between appts… its the only way. And the symptom thing… ugh.

Oh… as if they aren't cute enough- Rory's shoes!! Oh my gosh- want those!
I so understand where you are coming from... sometimes denial is the key to survival. That said, I'll don teal in honor of you again and again! :)
Keeping you in my prayers.

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