Thursday, September 18, 2014

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I've complained enough over the last 6 years about lack of sleep to last us a lifetime. And, yet, it's still happening. The not sleeping, that is.

I took A* intermittently from late 2007 through 2011. Then cancer diagnosis, a whole lot of steroids, surgically induced menopause at 35, etc. I started to take it a little more frequently. Because I process meds in a crazy way (apparently), the stronger extended release A* did not work. At. All. In 2012, I started taking sleeping medication every single night. And I slept pretty well with some random sleepless nights thrown in until recently.

This spring I could tell that my beloved A* was losing its effectiveness (and I'm already taking the maximum dosage). I knew it could happen. I've tried to stop taking sleeping medication multiple times. If I don't sleep well with medication, I certainly don't sleep at all without medication. In July, my doctor switched me to L*. It definitely knocks me out quickly, but I wake up 3 hours later wide awake and stay that way for several hours. My doctor says this is very atypical of L*. Of course.

Now we're trying out T*, commonly used as an anti-depressant (I'm totally not depressed, but I trust my doctor to give me the right medication). A big dose. And guess what. I've been awake a minimum of 90 minutes after taking the big dose and woke up multiple times throughout the night.

Combine this with a new blood pressure medication (thanks again, chemo) and I'm feeling kind of off the last couple of days. No big deal! My body will adjust. If I say that enough, can I believe it?


Vicky said...

Well that stinks! I have help with sleep too- couldn't get through a whole night if I didn't have it. I use one for anti-anxiety, (but I just take it at night for sleep. But I also do well with X, the other one for anti anxiety… knocks me out for a long time too.

I am like you and trust my doctor to know what to try. Keep trying- one is bound to work!

One of Nettie's Girls said...

Has your doctor ever recommended a sleep study? Having one and now using a Bi-Pap machine changed my life! Seriously. I never used to sleep and now have no trouble at all. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and the machine has changed everything!

Christine said...

Oh man... really, really hoping you figure out the sleep thing. Sleep really makes life a WHOLE lot better!