Labor Day

So the weekend didn't go quite as well as I had hoped - had to cancel a few things on the agenda and I literally spent nearly 24 hours in bed. I'm choosing to look at that as a positive - I had the time to do it and I apparently needed it.

Also. I still have a day left of the 3-day weekend and I've already scrapped for fun so that's a big fat win!
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My view Friday morning - I took a different way home because of some traffic issues and it paid off in an unexpected way.

She's so precious I can't stand it sometimes.

A rare nap on a Saturday afternoon for Camden - love the daddy-sized slippers peeking out from under his blanket. That blanket, by the way, was made for him when he first came home from Korea by a dear friend's mom. And he's still sleeping with it 11 years later.

Ready for our dinner guests. I should have snapped it with friends and family gathered around.

Brian is celebrating Labor Day in true fashion - by working . . . but only part of the day. We're headed to Michael and Liz's house for a cookout a little later. And I'm wondering if I can convince Brian to let us take a Hobby Lobby detour. I'm feeling the need to browse/shop/decorate.


Sally said…
I LOVE the picture in your kitchen. I always admire it when I see it on your pictures. Do you mind me asking where you found it?

Vicky said…
Love the pic with the sun streaming- I would definitely say worth it! And yes, a trip to Hobby Lobby must be in order with a the new job and some new income- so well deserved.
I hope you made it to Hobby Lobby!! And, I think a long weekend is the perfect excuse for 24 hours in bed... you still have two days of time off! :)

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