Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Tuesday's Tidbits

I have been mistakenly added to someone else's family reunion group email. It is pretty comical, and at this point, I feel bad telling them I don't belong.

It is probably a bad sign when your local coffee shop recognizes your van in the drive-through window. What started out 6 months ago as a Friday-morning only stop has turned into at least twice a week stop, sometimes three. I know. Here's to getting back to a one-time-a-week schedule.

Speaking of coffee, we're out of coffee beans, so I might have to put off that whole one-time a week thing off. A bad night of sleep combined with a busy day topped off with a double header tonight, and I need more caffeine than my little K-cup can provide.

I walked two miles yesterday and two miles today. It might be a record considering I've rarely touched the treadmill or exercise of any kind since I completed my couch 2 5K program . . .  back in May!

I unsubscribed from Janie and Jack's email list yesterday. It was like the end of an era. What a sad time it is now that Camden and Rory rarely wear anything other than uniforms.

This whole Obama Care thing happening today is not my favorite. I'm not going to deny that it will help some people. However, it's also true that it's going to hurt some people - including us. Next year's insurance is going to be very tricky, and the financial ramifications are a little scary for our family.

Rory wore the sleep mask again last tonight. It is hilarious.

Without giving details, can I ask for prayer for close family members? I texted Becky yesterday that it seems like we're just not going to be that family who can ever just relax, and while that definitely seems to be true of this season in our lives, I was also convicted after sending that text because less than a week ago, we had news that gives us great reason to relax.

Still keeping up with Project Life.

Week 35


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Christine said...

LOVE this series of pages! Oh, my. LOVE.

And would you feel better if I told you that "my" barista has my order ready when I walk in if he sees my car pull into the lot?! Yeah. I'm predictable.


Amy said...

I think I know where you can get some coffee beans! ;) Praying for the family situation.

Krista said...

Way to go on the walking! I went around the block tonight - I was impressed with that :)
I think you should go to the family reunion - that would be hilarious!