Thursday, October 03, 2013


Insurance had a little mix-up with my sleeping meds, and so I had the bright idea of saving myself $40 while the insurance/doctor got the prescription fixed. You can imagine how well I *didn't* sleep after being reliant on sleeping aids for the last 4-5 years. I'd forgotten how bone tired you feel when you literally lay (lie??) awake all night.

Due to lack of sleep, this morning was moving along pretty slowly (as in, I was curled up under a blanket dozing) until I got a text from my sister, who teaches at the kid's school. Apparently there have been some emails to the school board threatening to go on a shooting spree, which means my kids are on lock down at school, as well as my husband at a neighboring school. Combine that anxiety with no sleep, and it's been kind of a long morning. Brian and I are taking on a no-spending challenge this month, but I'm thinking that I just might have to break it in order to take advantage of my 50% off Starbucks coffee this morning. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that.

Pictures from Addison's overnight stay last weekend. I didn't have the settings right on any of these because I just grabbed and started shooting, but who really cares. These 3 are ridiculously cute.






Renee T. said...

Oh my goodness, those pics are adorable :)

MyEbella aka Kim said...

Our kids school is a block away from our state capital (Oregon) and I haven't got verification but I think they thought the DC shooting/scare was our local capital and our school was on lock down for a bit today!

Amy said...

Lockdowns are scary stuff these days. Hope you were able to sleep last night. Love the pics of those 3 as usual!!

Christine said...

I still cannot believe that the schools were locked down! I mean, I can... but wow. File that under "you don't think it will happen..." Sprout's school is upgrading their security (post-Newtown) and this post reminds me why it is so important. I hope everyone is ok, physically and mentally after that scare!

Vicky said...

Okay the lockdown is a little nerve rattling to say the least. I hope it ends soon and as well as the threats- abhor that sort of thing.

You could have fooled me that your camera was set wrong- seriously? Those photos rock! I'm so smitten with your work- and also those kids!