Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

I recently read a mascara tip: use your blow dryer to heat up the eyelash curler, then curl your eyelashes. It works the same way a flat iron or curling iron does - the heat molds the hair/eyelashes. Just make sure you don't get it too hot because a hot metal eyelash curler will definitely burn. I might have found that out by experience.

Another beauty tip I read (does it seem like I  might be spending too much time on beauty blogs?): only take cold or lukewarm showers to help protect your skin from dryness. Yeah, I am absolutely not giving up hot showers!

Battle rounds on The Voice are my favorite.

Because I totally needed a new ailment, my right knee is currently super swollen and incredibly stiff. I'm thinking it might have something to do with riding in the car for over 5 hours Sunday without getting out to stretch. That's the only thing I can think of anyway. Here's hoping it goes away on its own because I have been visiting my PCP way too often.

Parent/teacher conferences were Friday afternoon, and my kids both had pretty glowing reports. Rory is having a bit of trouble in math and penmanship, but is a great reader. Camden's test results from last year's achievement testing were kind of outstanding. As in he tested post high-school for several of them and was in the upper 90th percentile of the national average. Of course, he also "never stops talking" in the words of his teacher. The test scores and the talking do not surprise me one bit.

When I say Rory is having "trouble," I mean she got a 92 in penmanship and an A in math. And, yes, she cried. More than once. Sometimes it might be hard to have an over-achiever for a brother.

This weekend is Digital Scrapbooking Day, only the biggest day for a memory-keeper. In other words, the worst time to be without a computer. I might have to try to coax Brian's laptop into cooperating.


Monica said...

LOL! Your last comment about Rory made me laugh! I remember in high school pulling a history grade up from a 82 to a 92 one 6 weeks and thinking I would hear "good job". Instead Dad asked me "What happened to the other 8 points?" I cried the rest of the day, even after he came in my room looking shocked and told me he was joking. Girls and grades...very sensitive subjects!

Melissa said...

Uh, yeah, I've done some serious damage to my eyelashes using my blow dryer on my eyelash curler. Oh, and I've tried taking luke warm showers, but I just can't give up my steaming hot showers. That's what body lotion and deep conditioner are for. Ha!

Camden is amazing. Wow!

Christine said...

While I'm not surprised how well your kiddos are doing in school... I'm still amazed! That's pretty awesome. For both of them!