Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Life has been so full lately (of mostly good things) that I have fallen woefully behind in all computer-related things. We knew October was going to be a bit crazy and that has proven to be true! If I owe you an email, I'm going to try to get to it today. If I owe you photo shoot proofs? Probably not going to happen. :)

Speaking of crazy, Brian's fall break was this past weekend (he had Friday/Monday off) and while he mostly spent it working, we did take time to go see Captain Phillips yesterday (fantastic movie although it does not provide a relaxed afternoon because of all the suspense!) as well as a long park/trail hike trip on Saturday followed by a family movie and ice cream. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon . . . something we don't do often enough. Pictures to come . . . someday!

I'm a huge fan of fall, but it feels a bit as if pumpkin is taking over the world. With the exception of pumpkin bread/muffins, I'm not a big fan. Even a pumpkin spice latte is too much for me (did I just lose readers with that admission?). The idea of it is good, but about 2 sips in and I've had as much pumpkin as I can take. Give me a salted caramel mocha any day over pumpkin.

Although speaking of pumpkin, I found these at Trader Joe's last week (and I can pretty much always be sucked in by something new at TJ), and they are quite delicious.

Rory totally sacked out after her t-ball game. She did not move from this spot for most of Camden's game. It was a doubleheader night, which means about 4.5 hours at the ballfield. Seriously looking forward to the end of fall ball season!

Rory has started signing her name at school: Rory KSRL. Totally cracks me up. I always figured she would need to find a shortcut instead of writing out Rory Katherine SaRang Lewis, but she did this all on her own.

Continuing with the October craziness, Brian and I are headed to the D6 conference when he gets off school today. I'm looking forward to it, but a little anxious about leaving the kids. They have school and are spending one night with Aunt Liz and the other 2 nights with friends. We've never left them with anyone but family before, and I'm probably a little more anxious than I should be that they will drive their caretakers crazy . . . or get sick . . . . or that Rory will cry every night (she already broke down this morning and sobbed "I'm not ready to be away from you.") . . . or that they'll argue constantly. My parents assure me they'll be fine so I guess I've got to trust Grandpa and Grandma.


Christine said...

I'm with you on the pumpkin! I like it here and there... but not all the time. It's everywhere! I'll take a salted caramel mocha too please! ;-)

Good luck with the travel! I bet the kiddos will be fine. Mama on the other hand... ;-)

Amy said...

Hope you have a wonderful time at the conference! I'm sure the kids will be fine and will have a blast. Enjoy the "just the 2 of you" time!