Thursday, October 24, 2013

Staying at home

Considering the state my house is in this morning, it appears as if I have spent my days lounging in bed. I was feeling a bit guilty regarding the general state of messiness until I remembered the trip to the park, meals cooked, bread baked, many loads of laundry completed, photos edited, Harry Potter chapters read, doctor's appointments attended, coloring pages completed, t-ball games watched (2 this week), time spent on the couch listening to my 1st grader read (which isn't nearly as torturous as kindergarten reading), etc.

I've always been a tad bit sensitive about this whole stay-at-home-mom role, more so since both kids are in school. In recent weeks, I've had several friends and acquaintances question why I would bother to stay home, a.k.a. not "'work" as well as wondering what in the world I do all day long.

Oh, yes, no less than 3 people in the last month have literally asked me what I do all day.

While going back to work would relieve a bit of financial stress (since our budget hasn't been this tight since college years), it wouldn't really change anything. Brian would still teach so that we could have insurance, and he would never give up his church ministry. So working would just make things tougher around the house because the honest truth is that between his two emotionally (and time) consuming jobs, our family needs me to help keep things running smoothly.

Plus, there's all that memory-keeping, bon-bon eating, coffee drinking, and TV watching to keep up with.


DDE: Arizona Autumn (part of this month's Digi Files)

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One Little Bird: Let's Get Candid (part of October Digi Files)


Joyce said...

Love, love your scrap pages. Also, I can remember a time (many years ago) that you wondered what in the world I did all day and doubted you could ever be a stay-at-home mom.

Joy said...

Don't you just want to slap people that ask you that? LOL! Like the toys march to their rooms, the laundry washes and folds itself, the magic broom sweeps the floor, the dishes wash themselves and float to the cabinets, and the kids transport themselves home from school or to after-school activities.....all while I dance around singing with the bluebirds??

Seriously, I do so much more than I ever did having a "job". How do moms who work outside home do it?

Brian Lewis said...

If you even TRIED to get a job, I would totally boycott the idea by giving in to my hoarder tendencies! You have the most important "job" and completely rock at it!

Monica said...

LOL! I Love Brian's comment. I get that question, too, though mine comes on the heals of "No kids? And you stay at home?!" There's been times when I think Bobby's sensed my inner volcano about to erupt and quickly intercedes with "Her job is looking after ME." which seems to make everyone laugh. Being an "economic engineer" as my friend calls it, is a blessing, regardless of how the world sees it. I'm firmly convinced some of them are just jealous that they can't be at home as well.

Vicky said...

My doctor told me no- not to even try to work outside the home. And somehow, just like you, my days are completely full. Your scrap pages are the best!

Amy said...

Seriously!! It amazes me what people say sometimes. I don't know how anyone could question what a wife/mother does at home all day. People don't realize all that it takes to keep a house running for a family! (Love Brian's comment! So sweet!)

Lori! said...

Oh my stars I ADORE you in your sassy new sunglasses!!!
And after I quit laughing, I'm going to join you and go eat a bon bon. :)

Christine said...

Oh, Mama... you know how I feel on this! I actually posted something similar on that "other blog" I write for. (And it included "bon-bons" too!) It's hard work staying at home! And you rock it, and inspire me... so don't stop!