Friday, October 25, 2013

Our week in pictures

Just a few photos from our week.

Took the kids to the park Monday night (we had FABULOUS weather). More pics to come from this trip. Because I'm sure you've never seen pictures of kids at a park before.

Not sure what prompted the coloring party, but the 3 of us spent over an hour coloring from this pattern book Monday afternoon.

We carpool with Rory's friend once a week, and every single time they both cross their fingers and toes that her mom is late so they can play together.

This boy had a physical Wednesday afternoon, and he is officially above average in height. We love our pediatrician, and this is only one reason: as we talked that afternoon, Dr. H picked up on the fact that Camden was a perfectionist. He took Camden by the shoulders and told him that his own personal motto was excellence: being an excellent father, doctor, husband, but that being a perfectionist will kill him. Camden has repeated that whole "kill him" line several times already. :)

I have a sick girl, unfortunately. I sent her to school Thursday morning knowing she didn't feel well, but with no fever. She came home with a fairly high fever and promptly changed into her pajamas and fell asleep on the couch. We're supposed to be headed out of town tomorrow (last trip until Christmas, thank heavens) so I'm hoping she snaps out of it. She is currently on a steroid high and filming a hair video in the bathroom mirror. ;)


Amy said...

Hope Rory feels better for your trip!

Vicky said...

You always crack me up- and steroid induced anything means you will have your hands full! Hope girlie feels better quickly and weekend travels go well.

Christine said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the perfectionist line... and, it's very, very true!