Snapshot #9

Outside my window: it is warm, but blissfully nearly humid-free. I'm sure it won't last but it's a little like magic - lower humidity after Labor Day!

I am thinking: about the next 8 weeks. Got the kid's t-ball/baseball schedule last night, and we have 26 games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights over the next 8 weeks. I'm tired just thinking about it, especially those nights that Rory has a game at 5:30, followed by Camden's game at 7:30. Not so much tired for myself, but tired for Brian and the kids. Not sure the team sport thing is worth the cranky kids in the morning.

I am thankful for: a full night of sleep the last two nights. It's been weeks since I've slept well, but somehow in the midst of all the worry over my dad, I've slept all. night. long.

Last 3 purchases: my subscription renewal to Click magazine and that's pretty much it, unless you want me to list out my groceries from yesterday
Dinner plans:  we eat together at church on Wednesday nights so no cooking for me. Tonight's entree is trashcan chicken. No idea what that is, but sounds super healthy (yes, sarcasm).

Future plans I'm looking forward to: my dad putting this whole hospital thing behind him; he's still at the hospital in ICU because his hemoglobin is not going up despite the 2 units of blood yesterday. Receiving 2 more today.

Kid funny: I was listening to this song while braiding Rory's hair last night, and towards the end, she said, "this lady is BOSSY!"

I am reading: City of Ashes (been on the waiting list for this book at the library, the 2nd in the series, for MONTHS) and the Psalms of Ascent study from She Reads Truth (via my youversion Bible app).

In the kitchen: not a whole lot actually; working on eating through our pantry and freezer this month

Watching: Well, you already know my current Korean drama addiction. Also watching Master Chef, Rookie Blue, and Covert Affairs.

On my frequent playlist: Jesus Culture has temporarily replaced my go-to Hillsong for praise and worship; and Ben Rector is just feel good music.

Snacking on:  cherry tomatoes from our garden - they are SO good. Also? Ice cream. Can't lie. Craving the new Chick-Fil-A mocha cookies and cream shake has taken over my life.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: random house duties, bake banana bread with those way-too-ripe-to-eat bananas in my pantry, pick up the kids from school, church tonight, try not to worry about my mom and dad

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Vicky said…
love this snapshot format- fun to see what a day looks like in your life. I am with you on the cherry tomatoes and the ice cream- but sadly we don't have a chic-fil-a- gasp- I know. Love the second scrap page especially- so stinkin cute!
Reading this, I have so many comments. Maybe we should just plan a phone date on one of these school days. ;-)

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