Friday, June 14, 2013

This Week

It feels a little as if summer break finally began this week since week #1 consisted of having Becky's family with us and week #2 was Brian and Camden's week of camp so this is our first *slow* week of summer break where we're all home together. It seems as if we've been busy (although not busy doing fun stuff), but I look back at the week and am not sure what we've accomplished. I definitely need to plan some fun outings for us.

Monday was spent catching up on the mountainous pile of laundry Brian and Camden brought home with them, yard work here at home, and then Brian took the kids to a neighboring church's VBS.

Tuesday Brian spent the entire day doing yard work for his parents (they moved, but still own a farm in the area) and then he and Camden went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game with his baseball team. Rory and I hung out at home eating popcorn and watching Pioneer Woman episodes. Oh, and I spent at least 6 hours working on a fun photo project.

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment (where I learned that in the last 6 months my gums have started seriously deteriorating. Thank you, chemo??) I took advantage of being outside the house and ran errands for several hours. A plumber came to fix all of our outdoor water hookups so we can now water our garden. We went to Wednesday night Bible Study and ended up staying until almost 10:00 talking with friends.

Thursday I managed alot of domestic duties that included making this BLT salad for lunch followed by baking these cookies. Brian finally saw a doctor again about his infected eye (have I even mentioned that on here?) and then he took the kids to VBS. I fully enjoyed a few quiet hours alone.

Friday's events will include grocery shopping and a photo shoot, which may not sound like much but I'm not kidding when I say these two activities will mostly fill my day and wipe me out.

In the meantime, Brian has been catching up on church work and I've been keeping up with my treadmill and C25K; week 5 is hard, people! Tuesday's workout included two 8-minute jogging segments, and I seriously thought I would vomit. Today's schedule includes a 20 minute run, and I am honestly not sure I'll make it, but I'm going to give it a shot.

This is possibly the most boring post ever, but I'm running very behind on my Project Life pages and now I've got a little recap of my week I can refer to when I finally get caught up.

And I'll show you some really cute pictures if you've managed to stick with me.






This is generally the expression you see on Addison's face when the kiddos are around.

Trying to get kisses from Aunt Becky.


See? Cute pictures.


Joyce said...

Cute and never boring!

Amy said...

Addison just gets prettier! And, this sounded like a very busy week to me. Hope you have a great weekend!

Vicky said...

Oh my word- totally cute photos- like always. I am washing 5 loads of clothes today, blogging and I have one hockey game and I'll be all in by the end of the day. I worry about my teeth- and my dentist lives in my neighborhood and I sort of sneak past his house all the time- guilty - not having gone to address it yet :)