Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Snapshot #7

Outside my window: a new fire pit on the back deck (thank you, Gramps). Brian is a happy man.

I am thinking: how different Camden and Rory are. While Camden brought home pretty much every possible academic award (as he has every year), Rory didn't get one single award. But I'm guessing this is actually going to work in her favor. Give that girl something difficult to do, and she will work her little tail off. Give Camden something slightly difficult, and he either (1) quits or (2) throws an enormous fit and turns it into an all-day ordeal. The upside for him, of course, is that most things come easy.

I am thankful for: all the good times with family last week; it's been too long since we've had days to just chat, drink coffee, listen to the sounds of 4 cousins loving on each other (a.k.a tearing the house apart), repeat the aforementioned steps.

I am wondering: Why Rory thought it was a good idea to wake me up last night at 1:30 because she was bored and then again at 5:00 because she was ready to get up. I've been letting her sleep with me while Brian and Camden are gone, but I'm reconsidering the sleeping arrangements for tonight.

Last 3 purchases: these Reef Guatemalan Love flip flops (I've been coveting these and then they popped up on sale on Zulily so it was fate), these 2 Tea Collection dresses (on sale plus a coupon): dress 1, dress 2, and a new whirley pop (the one my parents bought us lasted at least 10 years, but it was time to definitely buy a new one)

Dinner plans: probably just veggies because we are eating lunch with friends (and considering it's next to the only Coldstone Creamery in our area and it's summertime, we'll probably pick up ice cream too)

Future plans I'm looking forward to: Brian and Camden arriving home from camp Friday. It is LONELY around here!

Kid funny: Camden and Rory were eating a little snack at the table last week. He ran upstairs to get something, and she turned to me and whispered, "He is one crazy kid, mama."

I am reading: just finished re-reading Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella and just finished up Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy and I'm just saying it was the most unsatisfying end to a trilogy ever so read at your own risk.

In the kitchen: not much; I can't motivate myself to cook for just us girls so we've been making do with sandwiches and salads.

Watching: The Voice and the new season of Melissa and Joey (it's a cheesy, but funny guilty pleasure)

On my frequent playlist: The Desert Song (Hillsong) and Next to Me (Emeli Sande)

Snacking on: bananas and green smoothies

Rest-of-the-day-plans: meeting our pastor's wife and their daughters for movie (thank you, Regal Cinemas, for $1 summer movies) and lunch. Rory desperately needs someone besides me to talk to.

And just a few phone pictures from our trip to Mammoth Cave. It's about a 2 hour drive and we were able to all fit in our van (with only a little fudging of 4 kids in the back row together). We took a picnic lunch, chose the 2-mile, 2-hour Historic Tour (which was so cool with all the interesting history facts). It included 440 steps (with 150 of them going up all at once at the end), and was the perfect amount of time underground with 4 kids. It was a very cool 54 degrees in the cave, and we all wished we had thought to bring a jacket.

A few favorite things about the trip: (1) all the theology discussions amongst the adults on the drive; (2) Rory was the one the guide chose to blow out the candle so we could stand in the cave darkness, and she closed her eyes to make a wish before blowing it out; (3) how the 4 kids would pair up and wrap their arms around each other as they listened to the guide (I know they are quickly approaching the age when this won't happen any longer); (4) when the older lady in our tour group asked if there was a bathroom around, and the guide suggested taking her off to the side and then turning off the flashlight so she could relieve herself in the dark.


Waiting for our tour.

Passing the phone off to Becky.


Christine said...

I adore these snapshots. And you know what?! I'm doing one! Tonight! Right now.