Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thank Goodness for Goodwill

We have a very small one-car garage full of (1) junk we don't need and (2) junk we do need but don't have storage for. Our plan was to spend Friday working on getting ready for a yard sale Saturday morning, but after spending about an hour working on it in the blazing sun, we decided to make our weekend alot easier and loaded it all up in the van to take to Goodwill.


I'm feeling really good about that decision. Now to decide what to do with all the junk we still need but don't have space for.

I'm not sure why we've waited until June 28 to pull out the water toys, but all the fighting, nitpicking, driving-their-parents-insane behavior stopped immediately and they laughed and screamed all afternoon. 




Every time I glanced out the window at them, they were a shade darker.


Amy said...

So with you on taking it to Goodwill. It's just not worth the hassle of a yardsale. Love the looks on those happy faces! I'm so envious for how well our Korean kiddos tan. Lukas' brown little legs just make me sick especially after I look at my super white ones! :)

VinGirl said...

I know as a mom you don't want to hear this, but Camden is looking so much older! My son is 13, and he has changed a ton this summer too, which is just so weird for me, since he is still my little guy in my heart. Sons pull at your heart, don't they?! :)

Christine said...

The last time we did a yard sale, I divided the total earned by the amount of time I spent and was horrified at my "hourly wage." We've donated since then.

And your photos of the kiddos on the water slide stuff are adorable!