Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Keeping it Real

In the interest of keeping things honest, I'm going to admit that Camden has pneumonia.

I know. I'm still in the running for Mother of the Year.

What makes it worse is that we took him to a park this morning and then was irritated when he didn't want to play. Okay, I was irritated.

We'd had the day scheduled for over a week and he woke up fever-free this morning (and spent most of Monday without a fever) so I thought we were done with this whole cranky, high fever thing. Nope! We did have the foresight to bring a thermometer with us, and after we realized he had a fever again, we called our pediatrician and were able to see him this afternoon. Pneumonia. Yes, I feel terrible.

And because the Lewis family likes to keep things interesting, I'm having an endoscopy tomorrow. Good summer fun.

In other news, we took the kids on a Food Truck picnic today. We always watch the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network each summer, and they were super excited to finally eat at one. It was a Banh Mi truck, and that was one fantastic sandwich and egg roll. Another reason I should have known Camden was still sick? He didn't finish his sandwich.



Totally worth the 20 minutes it took us to find a place to park downtown and then the $5 parking fee.




And proof of Camden's sunburn. Notice the peeling on his nose and under his eyes? This poor kid deserves an extra serving of ice cream!


Side by Side said...

I did something similar with one of my girls a few years back.
Sent her to school, let her play out in the monsoon rains and then come to find out she is wheezy and has pneumonia.
You are not alone....hope the meds work and he is better soon.

One of Nettie's Girls said...

Bless his heart! And yours. Parenting is all guessing sometimes, don't you think? I will be praying for you as you have your test.

Beth said...

Well, with two (is it two?) missed pneumonia diagnosees, that might put you over the top to actually win Mother of the Year. I think that trumps my one missed pneumonia and one ruptured bloody eardrum....... ;). Well wait, i also told Kiara to suck it up, she was fine when she had a broken arm last month..... oops.

Praying for good results from your test tomorrow! And I hope Camden feels better!

Christine said...

Oh no! Poor Camden! But don't get too down on yourself... it's hard to diagnose that early I think!

Christine said...

PS - SUPER jealous of the food truck. You know I love me a good food truck. :)