Friday, June 07, 2013

The Week Flew By

I'm sure I should feel like a bad mom for admitting this, but I was dreading this week just a bit. Filling 24 hours a day with just Rory seemed like alot, especially when her M.O. is generally that she wants to talk, talk, talk, and then talk some more. And when she's done talking, she'd like you to entertain her or her favorite . . . . "let's do something special together."

But we ended up filling the week with lunch and shopping plans with friends every single day, which was a very good distraction. And in the hours when we weren't being distracted by friends, I thoroughly enjoyed all the extra time with my girl. We read books and watched the Food Network. We painted our nails and curled our hair (okay, just her hair). We snuggled on the couch; I let her sleep in bed with me every night.

And Rory was SO sweet. All week long she begged me to let her help. So she vacuumed and she swept, and she helped fold laundry and empty the dishwasher. She patted my back and asked if I was feeling good. Seriously, she was just so sweet all week long.

Here are just a few phone pics from the week.

A puppet show

I used the light of my iPad to snap a picture of her asleep in my bed.

The Lewis girls

We met up with some friends. This is alot of kids in one house, right? And there's one inside sleeping.

Becky, Kathy, and I were college roommates.

Brian and Camden arrived home from camp this morning.

Camden went straight to bed. Literally, he walked in the door, gave me 2 hugs, and went upstairs to his bed. I woke him up 3 hours later because he has a baseball game this afternoon, and I thought we'd better give him a little time to clear his head. He is completely hoarse and without a voice and moving slowly so I'm not sure how that game is going to go tonight. ;)

I'm glad to have us all back under one roof. Officially summer vacation has been underway for almost 2 weeks, but after tonight's game, we'll all be home together with the next couple of weeks stretching ahead of us and now plans. Now summer vacation can begin.


Amy said...

So glad it turned out to be a fun girls week! That picture of you and Becky and Kathy made me smile and wish I had been there too!

Christine said...

Oh, I can appreciate your feelings going into this... So glad it was a great week!