Monday, April 08, 2013


Will you still be my friend if I admit that I sent the kids off to school this morning with a silent "woohoo" running through my head (see blog title)? After 2 weeks of spring break, I am so ready to be back on a schedule! By 8:45 this morning, I had already sorted laundry and had two loads done; sat down for some quiet time with my Bible this morning, and even jumped on the treadmill for a fun walk. Okay, that's a lie because exercise is not fun. But I did it. We had alot of quality family time together; some really good conversations with the kids; some laughs along with some sibling arguments. But they are as ready to get back to normal as I am.

Our weekend was very, very full, which allowed for no time to dwell on my CT scan from Friday morning. Or time to inwardly rage about the fact that my doctor had the results by early Friday afternoon and didn't call me. And still hasn't. My devotion from this morning (Ann Voskamp) included musings on how "stress brings no joy. And isn't joy worth the effort to trust?" Much needed words.

On Friday afternoon we took advantage of our first real spring day (in terms of weather) and met my cousin's wife and kids for some playtime. They had a blast and picked up their own little posse on the playground. Camden and Sam played some sort of boy spy game (and the little group really, really wanted to be in on the family picture LOL), and Rory made friends with a sweet little Asian girl, and they walked around holding hands. I wish I would have taken a picture, but in the moment I thought the parents might not appreciate a stranger taking a picture of their kid. ;) Not to mention I'm pretty sure she didn't speak English so it's not like I could really ask. Amazing how two little girls can still have the best time together without even communicating with words. They. were. precious.

I have been increasingly remiss in pulling out my camera (and not bothering with editing the ones I do take), and this was no exception. So here are the lonely 4 pics from Friday.

My poser

Rory, Sophia, Sam, Camden


Saturday was the Little League opening ceremonies, and it was a fun (although very long and drawn out) event. All 44 teams (yes, you read that correctly) marched out onto the field and then there was approximately an hour's worth of presentations, etc. The rest of the day was team pictures, parent volunteering, etc. I somehow managed to get inflatable duty, or as I like to call it pure torture. We all slept very well Saturday night!

I couldn't get all the teams in one picture so this will have to do. Camden's team is in black Pirate jerseys directly under the scoreboard. Oh, I am sorely missing my big girl zoom lens at events like this.

This photo says it all regarding photo-taking conditions, so I put away the camera. It was a gorgeous sunny day - by far, the best we've had all year.

And a quick phone shot at the end of the day.


Joy said...

I'll do you one better - not only did I give the "woo hoo" when they went to school from break, but I am secretly dreading summer. You know...those days in late July when it is just time for everyone to part for awhile!?! LOL!

I feel your pain on the baseball pics. I've resorted to sticking the 18-200 through a hole in the fence links to get photos of Ellis. Praying for no foul balls the whole time.

Enjoy your "me" time! Praying for great results when the dr finally calls!!

Norman said...

Melissa, such great pics! And version of the day/week.

Amy said...

I give the same "woohoo" at naptime every single day! :) Still praying about your scan. Hope you hear something SOON!

Renee T. said...

Love those cousin pics, especially the silly-face one !

Christine said...

Oh, I totally totally get the "woohoo!" :)