Friday, April 19, 2013

Field Trip

I spent yesterday with Rory and all her kindergarten friends on the final field trip of the year. It was a beautiful breezy, sunny day. We started out at the Nashville Children's Theater to see a production of Go, Dog, Go and then spent several hours at the Bicentennial State Park, which is just gorgeous. I made the not-so-bright decision to wear sandals with heels and managed to rub some serious blisters trying to keep up with a class of 6 year olds. I snapped lots of pictures with my phone (I managed to walk out the door without my big girl camera), but these two are all you need to get a feel for the day.

Bus ride to field trip.

Bus ride home from field trip.

Okay, just one more because I'm mesmerized by her eyelashes.

In other news, I requested that we not do any CA125 testing until I see Dr. W on July 2, and his nurse called me yesterday letting me know that Dr. W agreed to my proposal. This will be the longest I have gone without doctor's appointments, blood work, scans, etc. since my diagnosis over 2 years ago. I know that things can change quickly so lots of fingers crossed that this is not a mistake. I have been dealing with some pretty significant anxiety issues since approximately early December, and I feel such a weight lifted off my spirit to know that I have about 10 weeks free of anything cancer-related.

After spending the last week sweltering in upper 80 degree weather, this morning it is very chilly outside, and I've decided to ignore my messy house (Friday is usually my big housecleaning day), enjoy a second cup of coffee, and just take it easy. This week has been very busy and I've been operating on very, very little sleep so I'm looking forward to a little down time. Not sure I could pull myself away from the Boston coverage anyway. These are crazy times in which we live.

We have a fun evening and Saturday planned. I hope yours is just as fun, friends. 


VinGirl said...

Have a beautiful weekend. :)

Renee T. said...

cuties on the school bus :)

Vicky said...

That sounds really brave and I am in awe that you decided that- way to go- I hope you truly revel in the freedom it allows- for both your body and your mind to heal a bit. Have a fun weekend! Those photos are keepers for sure!

Amy said...

Praying this time away from the tests and stress of waiting is just what you need. Hope you have a great weekend!

Christine said...

The before and after shots are too much...

I'm so excited that you are giving yourself this break! I hope it's perfect and healing... in a different way. Hugs.