Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend was full of all kinds of good spring-like things: baseball, sunshine, yard work (okay, that was Brian), babysitting Addison, streaming loud music throughout the house, church, etc. I might have even pulled a few weeds and found myself enjoying it. A sentence I could have never imagined writing because I pretty much avoid all things related to dirt and outside work.

Camden lost his baseball game 11-5, but it was a good first game. We're having a few issues with reduced playing time for Camden because he doesn't attend the Wednesday night practices (because of church). They are extra practices (as in, in addition to the other 6-8 hours a week of practice), not regularly scheduled ones, but the coaches are definitely not happy. Not much we can do about it because we're not skipping church, but I wish he weren't being punished for it. He was SO funny Friday night because the child was so excited about the game that he just could not contain himself. And so he talked and talked and talked and then talked some more in the hours leading up to the game. And then he called me over to the dugout no less than 4 times so he could give me an update.


Doing a little of that weed-pulling I talked about and showing off his new haircut. The one that involved about 90 minutes of waiting and 60 minutes of actual cutting over the course of two days. Yes, all for a smooth new haircut.

And you know this cutie.


There's not anything Uncle Brian won't do . . .

. . . to get this smile.

Wearing her shirt inside out for some reason.

And my favorite part of the weekend? Saturday night when Addison fell asleep in my arms after her nighttime bottle.

And one final thing. Recognize anyone in this ad? More info on this coming later so stay tuned!


Joy said...

Oh how I wish I could afford Angela!! We have never had any kind of family photos made. Our last photos were our wedding 17 years ago! Um, we have two kids now! LOL

I totally understand the "dirty, sweaty" thing, but for some reason I love working in our yard. I guess it's the sense of accomplishment before the weeds take over again?

Camden should not be punished for missing an extra practice on Wednesday. Sounds like the coaches are a bit over-enthusiastic about practice!

Glad you had a great weekend! Go Spring! : )

Beth said...

Wow, TN must be really into their baseball! Our school has a super competitive high school team, but until junior high the kids are limited to two practices a week, a maximum of 1.5 hours per practice. Usually 1 hour per practice. That is awful they are punishing Camden for going to church. :( How frustrating.

Christine said...

What a productive/fun weekend! But holy cow about the practices. Yikes!

Norman said...

WOW! What pics!
Assure Camden that he will not "lose out", because taking a stand for what you believe is always a winner, sooner or latr.