Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mental Health Day

With the exception of running car pool Friday morning then meeting my friend for a walk, I had a complete mental health day Friday.

It. was. perfect.

I wrapped myself in a blanket, made a second cup of coffee, turned on the news coverage of the craziness in Boston and then I scrapped; I browsed the internet; I ordered myself some new lip gloss; and I scrapped some more.

It's good to take time for yourself, and I know I'm very blessed to not only have the time to do it, but to have a husband who could care less if we had leftovers for supper, if the floors didn't get mopped, and if the counter is full of unopened mail.

Friday night we attended a Third Day concert with the kids to celebrate their adoption days (# 9 for Camden and #5 for Rory), and we had the best time. Camden shares my extreme love for music, and as we sat down before the concert he said, "I don't want to leave here for a million years." Colton Dixon and Josh Wilson were also performing, and they were both great. Rory *almost* fell asleep towards the end of the concert, although how you can possibly fall asleep at a concert is beyond me. Rory, too, loves music, but she's a little more like Brian in that she can't keep a beat or hold a tune to save her little life. ;) Camden and I could listen to music and sing at the top of our lungs for days on end, so a concert is our idea of a little slice of heaven.

Saturday we had Addison for the day, did lots of yard work, and then went to Camden's baseball game (which they won in the last inning via a steal home by Camden). Sunday was church, baseball practice, then dinner at Gram and Gramp's house.

Monday I spent the day at doctor's appointments and running errands in Nashville. I had a great day and felt so good, but after a full day/weekend felt like I hit a brick wall about 4:30. The kind of brick wall that makes me bypass the Tylenol and go straight for the pain meds and couch. Unfortunately, that still happens on a fairly regular basis, but these days I bounce back quickly after a night of sleep.

Which brings me back around to how I spent the day indulging myself on Friday instead of cleaning and how my house looks like a tornado ran through it after the busy weekend. No need to take a wild guess as to what I'll be doing today!

Drinking green smoothies for breakfast. Camden loves them (which surprises me because he has serious food texture issues).

Rory? Not so much, but she chokes them down.

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Christine said...

I need a mental health day now! Sounds like it was perfect!

Renee T. said...

I need a mental health day, alone, with no one screaming my name...aah...I'd settle for a mental health hour ;) So happy you had a wonderful day---and the pictures of your kids are adorable!

Tami said...

Can we have recipe for green smoothie? Glad you had a day. Reminds us all that it never hurts. Laundry will keep for a day.