Tis the Season

When I heard on the news this week that this year's flu shot had missed the mark, I didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal.

As of this afternoon, however, Brian has a confirmed case of the flu, and I picked Camden up from school today with a fever. Hurray for us!

Let me just go ahead and apologize to everyone our family has come in contact with over the past 48 hours. The doctor was proactive by calling in a prescription for Tamiflu for me, and I have already taken the first dose. (Did not know Tamiflu was so expensive!)

We've quarantined both boys upstairs, and Rory and I are disinfecting and washing our hands like it's our job.

Here's hoping for a Christmas miracle. Two miracles actually: that Rory and I don't get sick and that Brian and Camden are well enough to participate in the Christmas play Sunday.



Praying healing and wellness for the Lewis family!
Mayme said…
So sorry about the flu bug hitting your house. I hope you and Rory remain flu free!! And yes, buying Tamniflu is like paying a car payment.
Ooooohhh Noooo!!! I'm really, really hoping it stops with the boys!
Amanda said…
Fighting the flu here too!! Hoping ya'll are on the mend.

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