Caught Off Guard

We arrived home last night after 7 days away with my family for Christmas (recap coming later). Today has been spent catching up on laundry, unpacking, putting away the multitude of Christmas blessings that came home with us, grocery shopping, making lists for the rest of the week, etc. etc. etc.

Unfortunately, a call earlier today changed my plans for the week. I was scheduled to have chemo December 31 (which was perfect timing, by the way, since Brian is still home from school and my office is closed - thus, no missing work for either of us). I experienced a pretty bad reaction last week - think blisters and rash covering about 75% of my body that needed steroids to fix - from my current chemo drug, and my oncologist has decided I cannot have treatment this week. In fact, I may have to skip this particular drug altogether.

This development has the possibility of being terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad news. I don't know what drug Dr. C will recommend next, but this one had the best shot of working.

I am trying to adjust my expectations for this week and roll with the punches - you know I'm not good at that, right? Here are a couple of ways I can look at this change in a positive way: I can attend a church event Wednesday night; I can attend Addison's birthday party Thursday. I get to help put away the Christmas tree and decorations (wait . . . . that's not a positive since I thought chemo was going to get me out of that task).

I haven't exactly talked myself out of the funk, but there's nothing to do but swallow the news and move forward.


Joan B said…
I have no magical wisdom here other than to say I am very sorry but remain hopeful for the best.
Sorry for the change up.....
KirstyB said…
Thinking of you and your sweet little family as you digest this news. Huge hugs from Massachusetts!
Ugh. I'm sure that is a bitter pill to swallow... Hoping that it's not the worst case scenario! Hugs.

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