Pretty Pictures

Well, I may not have achieved 8 hours of sleep last night (more like 4), but it allowed me to keep nausea meds in my system, and I am so happy to report that I'm feeling significantly better this morning.  My hands are no longer swollen or feel like they're on fire, which is a very good thing. It's a gray, dreary day outside and I'm going to take full advantage by binge watching season 3 of Suits and possibly trying to do a Project Life layout or two. No promises.

I may not had been taking pictures of my own family, but here are a few from recent photoshoots, as well as just a couple of non-people pictures.





Unfortunately, we had horrible weather for this shoot, but these kids were so cute and well-behaved. My own two were running around like wild banshees in the midst of it all. When we got back to the van, Camden said, "Well, I think that went well." LOL




It's too bad she has no personality whosoever.

One reason I love my new camera? This is straight out of the camera, no editing.
This was after their afternoon at the shooting range, and I think Rory might have been a tad worn out.


Hello, new Vera Bradley laptop bag for my work computer. On sale for $32!

Pretty flowers delivered along with supper Tuesday night.


Hooray for pretty pictures… AND anti-nausea meds!!!
paraying for your sweet family! You are seriously too precious for words...and even though we've not met, I thank God for you and your faith!! Such an encouragement to the body of Christ! :)
Amanda said…
Beautiful pictures!! You are rocking that new camera. Love your new bag too. I am such a Vera fan. It's the only purse I will carry because they are so comfortable.

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