Happy Birthday, Brian

Today is Brian's birthday, and because I was kind of stuck on the couch with massive doses of nausea I didn't make him a cake or even buy him a card. (I did, however, purchase a gift.) I wanted to just publicly wish him a Happy Birthday along with (yet another) list of why I love him.

1. Coffee. He wakes me up every morning with the coffee ready to go. Obviously, this isn't really about coffee - it's just one of the ways he shows me he loves me. I could list many more.

2. He makes me laugh. Most people don't know how funny Brian can be. He's a pretty reserved guy so all the goofy is saved for those he is most comfortable with. We've spent a lot of time laughing over the last 17.5 years. I hear that his 4th grade class often gets a glimpse of this goofiness in the form of math rapping. I pray often that these stressful days will not make him lose his sense of joy.

3. He's a great dad. Brian is the parental unit in this family who is patient, who is kind, who gives the kids second chances. He's also the fun parent. Of course.

4. Reliable. You can count on Brian. Everyone knows it. And while that's a major bonus if you're his co-worker or lucky enough to be a kid in his school class or church class, it's especially fantastic if you're his wife.

5. He works hard. When we decided I was going to stay at home 9 years ago before we began the process to adopt Rory, he went back to college and got a second degree and has been working 2 jobs ever since. Not only does he teach 4th grade, but he is the children's pastor at our church. Both of those jobs require a lot of behind-the-scenes work that no one except those who live with him will ever see. And he does it without complaining.

Happy Birthday, Brian. I'm not good enough with words to sing your praises, but we love you!



Amanda said…
Beautiful list!! Happy Birthday to Brian! Hope he has a great one!
Mayme said…
Happy Birthday Brian!!!
Vicky said…
Yes- you are good enough with words and in every way possible. Happy Belated Birthday, Brian!
I hope Brian had a FABULOUS day!! Happy Birthday!

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