On the Mend

The flu crisis of December 2014 is over.

Knock on wood.

Brian and Camden both went back to school today, and since Rory and I have yet to show any sign of the flu, I'm going to just assume we're past the danger zone.

Knock on wood.

While Brian was doing this . . .

and Camden was doing this . . .

Rory was doing this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

While I nursed 2 patients (have I ever mentioned that I am about the least compassionate person ever?), Rory's energy was through the roof. It was an interesting 4 days to say the least. My sanity was saved by the 8 hours of play practice on Friday/Saturday because there were plenty of high school girls and college boys (she is so smitten before she even really knows what smitten means) to entertain her.

Camden, who is always my sweet kid when sick, had a tough time with the strep throat swab and flu nose swab. The solitary tear that rolled down his cheek broke my heart. Not enough that I got any closer to his germs than rubbing his back . . . from an arm's length away, but it was sad.

I'm working from home today, in the office tomorrow, and then I'm done until January 5. Brian and the kids finish up Friday, and we leave town Monday. There is ALOT happening between now and then, but I'm determined to somehow get this house back under control, do some baking, and make some holiday memories before the month is over.


Amanda said…
Glad ya'll are on the mend. Have fun with travels and all that memory making. It's what it's all about this time of year!!
I'm so glad the flu has left! The juxtaposition of the sassy photo of Rory and then the sad photo of Camden sums up this period well. Oy!

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