Monday, October 19, 2009

We're missing something around here

Camden's tooth has been loose for the last week, and in true scrapping fashion, I've photographed this same series of pictures about 4 times in anticipation of the tooth coming out with no success. It finally came out Saturday night.

Getting ready
applying the cold washcloth (and getting a good grip)

He didn't make a sound when it came out, but now he realizes there's blood involved.


His smile will never be the same
(literally, he's got a crazy tooth growing in behind the original that's freaking me out a little)
We've had momentous events in our house the last several days. Camden learned to tie his shoes (with very little effort on our part, by the way), he lost his first tooth, and Rory has dropped the "myselsss" and changed to "myself" in the all-important "I do it myself" phrase. Can someone please freeze time so they won't grow anymore?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, for Camden! I know he was excited. I love the way you keep things documented. It will mean so much as they get older (and, no, sorry to say, there is no way to keep them from doing that. Just keep enjoying "the moment")


Brenda (aka Gram)

MyEbella aka Kim said...

both of Ethan's lost teeth have had the adult ones behind them...argh he has always had such a beautiful mouth of teeth...getting worried what is in the future! I hear ya... they are all getting big so fast! I wish we could slow them down.

KrisJ said...

YUCK I hate that they grow so fast!

Christine said...

Go Camden!! When you figure out how to phrase time... please let me know!

Anonymous said...

And we missed it! It was so close when he was here. Brave Camden.
Come again and maybe we can catch his next tooth?? Love, GreatGma E.