Monday, October 26, 2009

So Proud

Our weekend started early with a glowing report from Camden's teacher at his parent/teacher conference Friday afternoon. To quote her, "he's a whiz kid." She mentioned that he's ahead of the class and that she's spending some time with him individually to help him not be bored and plans to do so even more when they split up into reading groups in January. He made straight 100's on his report card. And while this is certainly not the most important thing, she also said he's the "go-to" kid in kindergarten. The other kids fight to sit next to him at lunch and look for his approval throughout the day. She also mentioned that all the little girls are in love with him and it's a good thing he's unaware of it or he'd have a big head. I guess a teacher's report can't get much better than that! We are very proud of him.

My Friday continued with a trip to our local coffeeshop where I spent some time ALONE with my computer and an iced coffee scrapping my little heart out. Friday night was a church event just for the girls, and it was lots of fun.

We made a quick trip to the zoo Saturday afternoon and then church on Sunday morning and a trip to Owen Farm with our church small group. We had beautiful weather both days and everyone had a blast. Rory was all about independence, and we must have heard "I do it myself" at least 100 times! I haven't uploaded pictures from my camera yet, but maybe I'll have time later.

Unfortunately, Monday morning is here and it does not promise to be fun. After I drop off Camden at school, Rory and I are headed to the dentist. I'm concerned that one of her teeth is rotting - sounds wonderful, doesn't it.
I am really hoping that either I'm over-reacting or that we can hold off doing something major until Brian's dental insurance begins in January.

Traci Reed/Melissa Bennett: Au Naturale
Lauren Grier: Walk This Road Together


Anonymous said...

Well, this GGma and GGpa is PROUD!
And you can tell it! Tell Camden we said so!