Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting back on schedule

Last night was Camden's last fall baseball game (woohoo), plus gymnastics for Rory. This fall ball season has turned out to not be quite as fun as our first spring season. I won't go into details, but let's just say we're all glad it's over. Rory continues to beam and giggle her way through gymnastics each week. She seriously loves it so much, and while she holds her own on most things with the girls who are 6 months older, she just isn't quite as strong yet as the older girls. She never fails to get laughs from the other mothers, though, with all her bubbly antics. They started working on cartwheels last night, and like everything else, she insists on doing it herself. Let's just say she can't quite manage it. Of course, at age 3, none of them can, but Rory takes a nosedive every time. :)

Someone (ummm, that would be Brian) has decided to take up snoring again, and my sleep schedule is seriously suffering. Getting back into school mode and getting up at 5:30 a.m. after sleeping until nearly 8:00 almost every day last week isn't helping. The kids were both pretty tired yesterday as well and since Monday night is our late night because of baseball, I have a feeling this morning will not be any different.

On schedule for today is laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, getting back on the treadmill after a week's break, and hopefully uploading the rest of our Missouri pictures to the blog.

Kristen Rice: Comic Hero


KrisJ said...

Ive gotta get Malia signed up for mommy and me gym I know she would love it! My hubby is a snorrer and it drives me nuts I kick him all night.. Im mean!! Cant wait to see the rest of your pics.. hope your day goes well!