Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pictures, Day 1

Rory is still sniffly, but this girl is a champion nose-blower. She takes a huge breath, then lets it all out. It's so funny, and it grosses Camden out. Of course, even at 6 we practically threaten him to get him to blow his nose!

I was supposed to get out of the house alone today, but Brian's parents volunteered to babysit so we're going to run the errands together and possibly hit The Cheesecake Factory for dessert!

Pictures, Day 1

Xavier is very loving. He was constantly coming up just to kiss Rory. So sweet!

Hanging out waiting for the Grandpa's to get the horses ready.

Maya and Camden only see each other once a year, and typically have jumped right
into playing. But this visit was a bit different. They both gave each other looks like this and it
took a while for them to warm up to each other.

Xavier's first time up

Landon and William

Getting a photography lesson from Uncle Larry

These boys are so cute with each other.

Mom will kill me for posting this.

My dad and grandpa

Maya and Rory were so cute together.
Maya mothered her and Rory took advantage and bossed her around.

They hugged goodbye about 8 times.

Remember the wrestling I mentioned?

The difference in my pasty white skin and her pretty brown skin makes me cringe every time.


Anonymous said...

You're right! You're in BIG trouble! :) Course, the other pictures are great. Love, Mom

Joy and Jason said...

LOVE the photo of you and Rory!! I hear ya about the "pasty white skin" - I refuse to stand by Ellis when he's tan - LOL! :)