Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Random List

Rory and I had a busy day yesterday. I don't know what possessed me to run to Walmart, Target, Kohl's, and the mall all in a 2 hour period, but we got everything done (and then some). I lucked out at Old Navy and picked up a couple of cute Super Hero tee's for $2! I also checked in at Gap and they had an automatic additional 25% off their clearance, which went nicely with my 25% coupon so I got a few very cheap things there as well. We got home just in time to put her down for a nap and then run to the post office, Hot Potato Kids to pick up a check and then get Camden from school.

I have no plans to leave the house today and am determined to get the house seriously clean and sparkling so I can enjoy the weekend. We don't eat out much these days, something we gave up when went down to one income, but tonight we're going out to eat, and I can't wait to not cook. Tomorrow Brian is working, but we're planning to attempt a family photo shoot in an effort to get a good Christmas card photo. We haven't had a decent family photo since Rory came home, and I'm not extremely hopeful for tomorrow's outing, but we'll try.

A few random things from this week:
  • Rory's new phrase of the week is "I wish." I've heard everything from "I wish I were still in Korea" (oh, yes, she really did), to "I wish I didn't forget my towel."
  • Camden's word of the week is "difficult." Everything was "difficult" this week.
  • We went shopping yesterday and I let Rory walk everywhere instead of using the stroller. She was bouncing off the walls! Our first trip into the dressing room, she said, "can I talk to her?" meaning the girl in the mirror. She walked up and began a conversation with herself. This is becoming a theme when she gets near a mirror these days. She also insisted that we were at Kroger all day yesterday.
  • In Camden's class, when they go 5 straight days without moving their bear (which means they haven't gotten in trouble), they get to choose something out of a prize box. Camden has been jealous all week of this tiny little ball Rory got out of the dentist's treasure chest and so he chose a little bouncy ball. He then proceeded to take it to show and tell the next day and then put it back in his bag to take next week's show and tell because his teacher wasn't there to see it. Something tells me Mrs. Lawrence could care less about that little bouncy ball.
  • Another new trend with Rory this week is when she wants something, she tells me like this, "but you promised me I could have M&M's" (this would be right after breakfast); or "but you promised me I didn't have to take a nap" (something that would never come out of my mouth); "but you promised me I didn't have to eat a sandwich" and on and on.
  • Brian has been reading The Magician's Nephew to Camden for the last several weeks, and they're both loving it (Brian is not a reader, by the way, although being an elementary school teacher is shaming him into trying). We just borrowed it from the library, but I'm thinking we need to invest in the whole Chronicles of Narnia set.

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Joy and Jason said...

Tell Camden I am reading the Narnia books too and I love them!! Found a book that had all the stories in one - now I can't put it down. Hope he enjoys them!

Jaime said...

She is cracking me up! I don't remember if I emailed you or not but we got the dress and we LOVE it!! It is so cute, thank you so much!

We are reading the Narnia books with our kids right now and they are loving it!

Christine said...

These are great, these lists always make me laugh! (Although I can't believe she said that she wishes she was back in Korea!)