Friday, October 02, 2009

Not our best Friday night

Camden's flu shot went surprisingly well this morning. He did not even cry, much less scream or engage in other undesirable behavior. I think he was pretty surprised by how quickly it was over, and I'm hopeful that this good experience will be a turning point. He thoroughly enjoyed his Sonic slushy, Wii time, and we're headed to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs tomorrow as a reward.

I'm not proud of the fact that for the second night in a row the kids got the best of us and we put them to bed early as punishment. While they were behaving in a less than pleasant manner, we should have been more patient. I'm fairly certain every parent has their not-so-patient moments, but that doesn't make me feel better about my own shortcomings. Brian was tired enough (and though feeling better, still not feeling great) and went to bed by 7:30 with them.

Since my computer is cooperating, and I've had a few free hours, I managed to whip up two pages. Both kits will be available tomorrow at SSD.

Traci Reed: Whatever the Weather

Dani Mogstad: Monstrosity


Krista said...

Oh everyone has those days... Hopefully tonight will be better for everyone.
I LOVE that monster page!

MyEbella aka Kim said...

you are way more patient than I think I am ... =)
and btw we walk the kids up by 7:45pm most nights to start the potty/reading time...
My goal is to be back downstairs by 8pm =)
good luck tonight!

Christine said...

Oh, I know those days well... Hope the weekend was better!

Love the monsters!