Friday, October 02, 2009

Flu Shot

My computer behaved very poorly and ran so slowly it wasn't worth using so no blogging yesterday (or scrapping, unfortunately). It seems to be better this morning, so I'm hopeful it's cured for a while anyway.

Camden's school was closed yesterday and today for teacher seminars. After lots of complaining because he couldn't pack up his stuff and head to school, we had a good day, and I think he's remembered that staying at home has its benefits.

Brian came home sick yesterday, and I wouldn't let him near the kitchen or the kids. In typical Brian fashion, he took a dose of Nyquil, went to bed sick and woke up much better this morning. Why doesn't that work for me?

I'm seriously dreading today. I'm taking Camden for his flu shot today despite my decision to never take him for a shot again after our last experience. I tried to schedule the shot when Brian could take him, but the wait was about 6 weeks for an afternoon appointment, and I decided we couldn't wait that long. I know that he is seriously scared of shots for whatever reason, but it is not okay to react the way he does. We've promised all sorts of rewards and fun things and threatened with equal punishment, but I don't have alot of hope that he'll behave. Considering how he's reacted while we role-played being the nurse and patient, I'm already bracing myself for the screams and bad behavior.

I did scrap one page earlier this week when my computer wasn't broken. I've got lots of CT assignements so I'm hoping to have scrapping time this weekend.

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