I'm the Daddy

Camden has been playing this little game with us for the last couple of months where he wants to be the mommy or daddy and he instructs us to be "the Camden." It's fun and sweet and hilarious to hear what comes out of his mouth as he pretends to be one of us. We've been playing it alot in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday morning, Brian had been up late Monday night and up very early Tuesday working on a project for school. He left to take a shower and when he came back, Camden was at the computer typing away, looked up, and said "I'm the daddy!" He was so proud of himself. Of course, he is NEVER to touch the computer, and this was not a good time for him to do so. Brian's project was almost ruined, and he was running late and had to spend alot of time trying to fix it. The wife part of me feels really bad for him. The administrative assistant part of me says he shouldn't have waited to late to work on it! The mommy part of me thinks it's really funny!!
Okay, I'm really busy today so I'll just post a few layouts from last night. I cranked them out!
Collab kit by Angela and Emily Powers and Lori Barnhurst available at Sweet Dreams Shoppe.


Sweet Abandon by Dianne Rigdon available at Shabby Elements and Scrap Artist


Big Boy Bed by Dianne Rigdon available at Shabby Elements and Scrap Artist


Million Little Things kit by Nikki Meador available here.


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