I'm a Cupcake

I've been waiting to announce this until it was "official" but I am a Cupcake! Amanda Rockwell has chosen me to be on he creative team at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I am really excited to be using her designs (and she has a cute blinkie, too!).

Our July 4th holiday was fun. We painted our living/main area and hallway on Saturday, which kept us quite busy. I'm probably stretching it a little to say that "we" painted. Brian did pretty much everything. He's a perfectionist, and things just move along more smoothly if I let him handle it. Sunday was our annual July 4th picnic at church, which is fun, but kinda long and it always just happens to be the hottest day of the year. This held true again - 96 degrees! My two sisters, brother-in-laws and twin nephews came to visit for our July 4th holiday, which was really fun. We normally don't have family around for holidays like this so we had a great time making a good dinner, playing Nertz, having a cousin photoshoot, and playing with the boys. We did go to see fireworks last night, which probably wasn't the best idea. I thought Camden would really enjoy it, but they didn't start until 9:00 and lasted for a full hour! He was just too tired to enjoy them much. I was ready to go home in about 10 minutes, but Brian insisted we should see it to the bitter end. So I'm back at work today, and very tired! Staying up until midnight 3 nights in a row doesn't feel very good at 5:30 in the morning!

Here are a couple of layouts from the weekend.

Everything from Amanda Rockwell's Garden Sunset kit.
Everything from Amanda Rockwell's Garden Sunset kit.

Everything from Emily Powers For Him Weekend kit.


Anonymous said…
CONGRATS!!!! Adorable layouts, especially love the second one;)

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