Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

We're attending a church planting summit this week and last night was a very late night. Camden, who has recently shown some major signs of maturity, set his alarm 30 minutes early (unbeknownst to me) so that he could help me get things ready. So sweet.

We have been big into the Olympics around here, and I find it really funny that Camden calls the competition against the U.S. our arch enemies.

He also said emphatically, "I am not doing that" when he watched the brother/sister ice dancing team dance together and the brother kissed his sister's hand before they got started.

Rory is obsessed with all the sparkly outfits and heavy make-up of the figure skaters.

I feel like I've shared this before, but just in case, Rory launches into full out singing mode every time I blow dry her hair. She's done this ever since she was teeny. Her songs change, but yesterday's was Jingle Bells.

I'm assuming everyone else's kids set out each Valentine's Day card and read them as if they were written specifically for them instead of mass produced. I don't remember doing this.

When I had surgery 2 weeks ago, the surgeon brought Brian back into a little room to give him an update. If you'll remember, when I had my initial cancer diagnosis, the surgeon did the same thing - brought him back to a little room to deliver the news. Brian said when the ENT took him back to yet another small room, his body had a physical, visceral reaction and he literally could not breathe or make himself enter that room. Such hard memories.

I'm working on about 2 hours worth of sleep and my throat is raw from all the talking I did last night so I'm really hoping my day includes a nap.


Grandma Elledge said...

So many sweet thoughts...