Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Super Bowl

I am sure that one day in the very distant future, I will look back on this week and decide it was a good decision to have my tonsils/adenoids removed. But that day isn't going to come for a very long time. After the first couple of days were fairly decent, I thought I might have been over the worst . . . nope, day 4 is pretty bad. As in, I can't keep pain meds down and the pain is significant enough that I wake up in tears on the few occasions I happen to fall asleep. And I am no baby!

I have officially gone through 20 lbs of Sonic ice. Can you believe that?

Thanks to all the sweet people who have dropped off food for my family - they are thoroughly enjoying it!

Because a little tonsillectomy isn't enough to cancel our Super Bowl party, Michael, Liz, and Addison came over to watch the Broncos lose in spectacular form. This is our 8th year to do this, and I love our little tradition. Our favorite teams never win - it's almost as if we're cursed, but it's still fun.


We did a 4-way conference call. (and, yes, I duplicated a picture. Don't judge; I'm on pain meds)


It's a good thing they're all cute because it was pretty much impossible to actually watch the game with the 3 of these kiddos playing together.


Vicky said...

K- maybe its a day 4 thing? I turned ashen/green late yesterday and felt weak and dizzy. Had been doing so well and then out of nowhere… yuck. Sensing the lack of hormones and its not pleasant so far :(