Thursday, February 20, 2014

There's a Storm Brewing

Our crazy Tennessee spring seems to have gotten an early start with very warm weather and sunshine this week. The kids have played outside nearly every day. Today's weather includes 75 degrees along with the threat of severe storms that have storm chasers and The Weather Channel camping out in the Nashville area. Sounds promising, right?

After night #4 of very little sleep, I am happy to be home until 2ish today. I'm keeping it easy with maybe a little muffin-making (my kids have eaten cereal for weeks on end at this point) and watching the women's figure skating final live. I've promised Camden we can watch it in prime time, but considering it's Yuna Kim (from South Korea) who is favored to win the gold medal, I'm pretty sure I would find out who won prior to prime time anyway.

And speaking of Yuna Kim, I don't know why she makes me so emotional. Part of it is pride for my kiddos, part of it is that she really is just stunning. (Maybe it's just the lack of sleep that brings on the tears.) Part of it is that the thought strikes me that she is an enormous star, the biggest celebrity in Korea, and one of the highest paid female athletes, and, yet, a majority of "our" world doesn't even know that she exists. I think in general we're all so unaware of the billions of souls in the rest of the world. So easy to be caught up in our own little space.

Football has been the game of choice this week. It's kind of fun that Rory is finally catching up physically that they can play something like this together. Prior to this, it's typically Camden being very frustrated that she can't hang with the big boys.




Stay safe in the storms today, my Tennessee friends!


Joy said...

Stay safe! As someone who saw the "Nashville tornado" go through her front yard in Dickson, I get a bit freaked out when the wind kicks up. The Weather Channel being in town doesn't boost my confidence!

Our kids seem to be so much alike. Ellis has also discovered that Sumner might not be so bad to play sports with now. ; ). They play football, basketball, baseball, whatever.....still some yelling and pouting, but we're getting there.

Oh, and I thought Sumner was the only one who sang at the top of her lungs while getting her hair dried. Cracks me up that Rory does it too,

Joy said...
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