Saturday, February 01, 2014

Tonsils and Adenoids are Outta Here (as Camden would say)

These are the meds I came home with yesterday after surgery, and this doesn't count the nausea patch I have behind my ear (or the 6 pills they gave me prior to surgery ranging from pepcid to anti-anxiety to cough syrup).

Most of my concern about this surgery was the pain post-surgery, and while it was pretty awful when I woke up - bad enough that I cried (which I've never done in a rovery room before), they gave me some very good drugs that helped out. The biggest issue was that they use lidocaine on your throat and when you wake up, it feels like you can't breathe, and I got a little freaked out. Thank heavens that wore off quickly!

Brian is such a good nurse. I'd forgotten how surgeries bring out the caretaker in him. He bought me Sonic ice (because I'm eating cup after cup after cup), ice cream, etc. He waits on me hand and foot, despite my protests. He even slept on the hard floor wrapped up in a blanket with a beanie hat on last night because I was on the couch. Friends, he takes the whole loving your wife as Christ loves the church to heart. I am fully aware that I have a great man.

Kids stayed with the Kivettes last night, which was an amazing help. It was so fantastic to come home and not have to worry about taking care of them or answer 654 questions. My voice sounds CRAZY. All nasally, and thick back in my throat, and deep in tone, not to mention it hurts to talk. Brian says I was also seriously slurring my words last night, which is always his favorite part. :)

Thanks for all the prayers, I was very nervous right up until we went back to the holding room (and then stayed for over an hour), and then I was fine. Brian and I chatted and laughed. I should probably also admit that they gave me an anti-anxiety pill because my blood pressure was high. Not as high as it was after the surgery - that's part of why they doubled up on the big drugs was to help bring my bp down. Along with a bp pill, and it was back down to normal last night.

This pic cracks me up because I (at best) almost dropped my phone down from this height as well as (at worst) almost toppled over it myself when I tripped over a pipe.

I got a whole lot of great skin and hair compliments yesterday as well as 2 Anne Hathaway look-a-like comments. Pretty sure they might have been on a little of that Happy Juice themselves. My beauty routine these days consists of coconut oil to take the makeup off, then moisturizing with it. This whole no-make-up-or-jewelry rule before surgery is not my favorite.

I have a video of Camden competing at a district speech competition to share over the weekend if I can manage to get it uploaded.


Grandma Elledge said...

Melissa, thanks for updating us! I was hoping you would feel like doing it. Quite an experience! Gpa had his out when he was 18, and he doesn't paint a very pretty picture. lol Maybe some day you can share, huh?
But for now, it's your time to recuperate, be pampered, etc. Love & prayers.

Vicky said...

I think you do it so well, though. Wait till you see mine :) I paused before I went through it. Dr. Panwalkar gave me anti-anxiety for sleep at night and for whenever I may need it during the day. Its a God send! I made sure I had one yesterday. I am also doing a high blood pressure pill and that has brought me down into such an even keel- I had no idea how high strung I had been! Hopeful that you too find the right combo of meds and get a peaceful recovery- know I am thinking of you!

Mayme said...

Glad you are doing well. Been thinking about you!

Sally said...

I know we have never met, but I pray for you often! Praying that you will heal quickly and feel better soon.
On your first pic of your meds, there is a picture hanging on the wall. I am trying to figure out what it is a picture of. Sorry to be nosey, but it looks cool.

Renee T. said...

Glad the surgery is over! I hope recovery goes by quickly :)

Christine said...

I cannot believe how much I missed here!! So glad that all of this is a memory for you now!