Monday, February 24, 2014


In between the Olympic-watching, Addison-sitting, cookie baking (these were pretty amazing), park-visiting, church-going, lunching with friends, etc., I jumped back on the Korean drama bandwagon this weekend. I'd watched a few episodes of Heirs a couple of months ago, but never quite got into it. Although I am remembering that it sometimes takes a couple of episodes to get me hooked.

Well, call me hooked now.

A couple of things that struck me.

1. I don't quite understand all of the social implications of the second son, etc., but it's interesting. And sad. And I don't know if it's accurate either.

2. Lee Minho is missing a little chunk out of his left ear, and after noticing it, it's all I can see.

3. How long can Lee Minho get away with playing an 18 year old rich kid??

4. What is up with all the tennis shoes with heels?

5. I've watched 5-7 Korean series from start to finish, and they definitely have a formula, don't they?

This kid has a speech competition tonight. Did I even tell you that he was in a speech competition in January and won? Well, he did. It was the night before my surgery, and I mostly remember how nervous he was after his speech because he so desperately wanted to win and had to wait well over 2 hours for the results. There were 29 participants. Oh, and how the little mother next to me kept calling me "ma'am."

(notice the bun on top of Rory's head? it's her go-to these days.)

Because we're in the running for parent of the year (not to mention this happened literally the night before my surgery and then I was out of it for 2 weeks), we forgot to register him for this sub-district competition. We didn't realize it until last night, after, of course, we've made him practice endlessly. Thank goodness they took mercy on us this morning and are still letting him compete. I'll report back tomorrow.


Christine said...

I have so many drama related thoughts... but overall, I'm in the same boat as you. Especially with the Lee Min-ho stuff! :) I also love reading about C's speech career. :)