Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

Like many other U.S. households, it is Olympics 24/7 around here these days. Well, it's Olympics 24/7 for me and Camden anyway. Brian is kind enough to force himself to stay awake with me part of the time; Rory has absolutely no interest in anything except fixing her hair in a bun to match the figure skaters and mastering her bow to the audiences. Camden is pretty enamored with it, although I haven't quite figured out if it's just cause he really likes the competitive nature of it or because it's one of the few times we let him watch non-stop television.

Speaking of Olympics, Camden finds it very hard to understand why we're not winning everything. As in, each new competitor that steps up to compete, he wants to know if "they're any good." I've explained more times than I can count that they're all good. That they've already won and are the best in their country if they're even in Russia for the Olympics.

It both melts my heart and hurts my heart to see the pride and interest both kiddos (but especially Camden) have in the South Korean competitors. As we watched the opening ceremonies, Camden ran upstairs to get his Korean flag and brought it down to sit on the floor next to him for the rest of the evening.

After finally getting my computer fixed after being computer-less for 3 months, my external hard drive decided to take a nosedive right before surgery. I'm just now trying to deal with it, and the thing appears to be dead as a doornail. The good news is that I think all my pictures are saved. The bad news is that all of my scrapping supplies plus layouts and Project Life supplies/layouts appear to be lost. That represents a whole lot of time and money.

And in an attempt to really round out a stellar day yesterday, I dropped my flat iron on our tile floor and it chipped. I'm just hoping it still works.

After being off coffee and soft drinks all week after my surgery, I had the great idea of just giving them both up altogether. Yeah, one cold morning and I'm back in with coffee. Maybe I can continue on the no-soda track.

A few things around here this week.

Verses on all the bathroom mirrors. I just started this and plan to swap out new verses every Monday.

Rory waiting for the music to start so she can begin her figure skating program. ;)

I signed up for this Graze subscription on a whim. It's a monthly (or bi-weekly if you choose) organic snack box, and so far they've been very tasty. I've got a referral code if you'd like to give them a try: 2QMYP744B. This will get your first and fifth box free.

How Rory spends her time while we try to watch the Olympics.

Pulling Camden into the mix.


Vicky said...

I would have a hard time choosing which to watch- the olympians or the kiddos- too cute for words :) Love the bible verse idea- and did you find yourself reading them every time you by-passed one of the mirrors? I think I totally would!