Friday, February 21, 2014

Sochi 2014

I think it's possible I've reached my saturation point when it comes to Olympics. I have lived and breathed Sochi 2014 for the last 14ish days, and after watching the ladies free skate live yesterday and then again last night with the kids, I'm feeling just about done. And, yes, I am completely dissatisfied with the ending. You know I'm going to think Yuna Kim deserved that gold (and apparently millions of others agree with me), but homecourt advantage is no joke.

Hello, proof 1 and proof 2. Why, yes, I've spent the morning reading articles.

I watched the Olympics together with my parents, brother, and 2 sisters growing up. I totally remembering crying over many figure skating and gymnastic competitions. (ha!) We didn't watch much TV, but when the Olympics rolled around, we totally engrossed ourselves in it, and I've allowed my kids to do the same. There have been many late nights (and Brian hasn't made it through a single one), but I think I've managed to instill the love of Olympic competition in my kids. Well, Camden anyway. Rory continues to sleep through them.

The victories are so big; the losses so tragic. I'm always a weepy mess. Anyone else cry through the Sarah Burke tribute last night? It's somehow worked out that I've been with my parents/sisters for many of the Olympic games held during my adult life, but this year it just didn't work out. We compensated by group texting many nights late into the coverage. I hear my dad settles into the recliner late at night and catches up on our group chat. :)

I thought Camden might have been bored by the figure skating last night. He definitely has chosen the luge, skeleton, 4-man bobsled, and snow cross as his favorites, but turns out he was just nervous. He wanted Yuna Kim to win, but knew that Gracie Gold was going to get knocked off the podium after Yuna skated. It was kind of sweet. When he saw Yuna's scores, he said, "now that is just messed up." He's totally been my buddy the last 2 weeks.

Okay, I'm done with my Olympic rant. Clearly, I haven't had anyone to chat with about this. I've managed to completely bore the teenage girls I drive home with everyday from school by subjecting them to my Olympic updates. Maybe they'll forgive me.

Rory didn't make it to the end, but notice the figure skating bun.


Brian Lewis said...

Early to be, early to rise...

I did notice that you didn't get up early to watch the hockey game with me last Saturday. :-)

I'll try to make it tonight! Love you!

Lori! said...

I thought the same thing last night. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming!

Lori! said...

I thought the same thing last night. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming!

Christine said...

Can I confess something?! Not only did I not watch the Olympics... I have no idea what happened. It's so sad! :(