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Back to work

Wow. 5:25 a.m. hit hard this morning! My detour to Starbucks on the way to work helped fix it, though! I'm very grateful to have had a week off from work, but now it's back to reality. At least I am gradually jumping back in. My boss is gone until Thursday so it will be pretty slow. Even slow enough for me to catch up on some blogs, etc.

Our weekend was pretty good. We went to my sister's apartment for supper on Saturday night. Played lots of cards. Camden watched The Incredibles. He's been running around the house saying (okay, yelling), "I'm INCREDIBLE." Sunday was church, of course, and we had an ice cream social after church. Camden had two bowls plus a cookie. He was wired!

I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but my brother left for Iraq last Friday. We've known he was going for some time now and have had lots of false starts where he's at the airport and ready to go, but then lost his seat on the plane, but he called while I was home…


I am having a great day! Camden is at school. Brian is at work. I'm home alone! I've scrapped, browsed the web, worked out at Curves, went to the library, picked up a movie for this afternoon, and grabbed lunch at a little tea shop we have in town. What a life! Just a few advertisements - new kits by Amanda Rockwell and Emily Powers that are really fun. You should definitely take a look!

Also, one layout from this morning. Maybe it's a little wierd that I picked a picture from so long ago when I have new vacation pics, but I was loading up my albums after I had 65 layouts printed this week, and I'm so out of chronological order, and it bugs me, so my plan is to try to get caught up on all the older photos I'm planning to scrap.

Have a great weekend!
PATIENCE Wave stitching by Gina Cabrera. Everything else by Miss Mint. FOR HER CASUAL


I've been missing! Since I think my mom is the only one reading this, she didn't miss me because we were with her. We spent the last week in Illinois with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and my twin nephews. We had a great time, with a few minor glitches - like the fact that 2 out of 3 kids and 4 out of 6 adults had the stomach flu at some point! Camden, mom, and I managed to avoid it, but the rest of them had a really fun stomach bug. My poor dad really had it bad.

We did manage a trip to the zoo, the John Deere Museum, and I got to see (kidless!) Superman Returns and the new Pirates movie, which I really enjoyed. I even survived a week on dial-up and no TV or scrapping. I think I'm glued to the computer now, though, trying to catch up on everything. I'm off work today, but sent Camden to school. He's been asking to go, and he seriously needs a little routine. He came home just a tad (insert sarcasm here) spoiled by a week with grandma and grandpa. He had a bla…


Gross title. I know. But it's been my life for the last couple of days. Camden had a little cold over the weekend. Then I got sick, then Brian. Horrible head colds! I'm sick of it! We both stayed home from work and church yesterday. Hopefully, my Zpack is going to kick in soon. I do feel better in general.

My favorite summer show from last year is back! I think I'm the only person alive watching it, but I love The Contender. Anyone else?? It's on ESPN and just started this week on Tuesday's at 9:00. I'm pretty competitive anyway, and this is 16 boxers who are getting a chance at a big break. It's gut-wrenching to see these men down on their luck with their families watching them box for their big break. They know if they lose, they'll go back to their life and their boxing career is probably over. There is one fight a week, edited of course for the best parts with music and everything. Definitely my favorite show! (Now people think I'm crazy!)


Birthday Recap

Camden's birthday was Saturday as well as his party. He had a great time. Me, not so much! His two other birthdays have been such fun days. My parents have been there. My sister and her fiance (now husband) and they were just fun, fun days. Saturday - not so much. I think I was just a little bummed that my parents couldn't be there and that he is growing up so fast! His birthday also always makes me think about his birthparents and wondering where they are and how they feel on his birthday. So anyway, my in-laws were able to be there for the first time and my sister and brother-in-law were there. Camden had a great time. Brian bought him a toy gun (I'm not thrilled about this) and he loved it! We had bought him a cool Cars backpack and lunchbox and thought he would be thrilled with it, but he only wanted to play with the gun and the $2 yardsale remote control tractor thingy Brian had found. He wanted nothing to do with any of his other gifts! We had a great ice cream cake f…


Yahoo! It's so nice to be off on Friday again! I've had a busy day. Got up, did two loads of laundry. Went to the mall just to return a couple of items at Baby Gap and walked away with a ton of stuff from Baby Gap and Gymboree. They were having great sales. Met a friend for lunch, then went for ice cream at Coldstone Creamery for Camden, went grocery shopping, bought new lipstick at Clinique, sat outside in the pool with Camden, and now I'm exhausted!!

Camden is being so funny this afternoon! He's pretending he's the daddy and I'm "the babe" as he calls me. So cute!

Here are two layouts from last night.


Saturday is Camden's third birthday. Where has the time gone?? It's so hard to believe that my baby is no longer a baby. Today I had cupcakes for him to take to his class since he'll be at home with me tomorrow. He was so cute! His face was just beaming as he left. Last night at church, he told everyone that he was going to bring cupcakes to share with them too. (I don't think this mommy will be making cupcakes for everyone!!)

I finally ordered a cake. He asked for an ice cream cake, and I wanted to find a Cars ice cream cake since he loved that movie! However, Baskin Robbins was the only place I could find, and the cake was $30. I don't even like Baskin Robbins' cakes. So I ended up at Coldstone Creamery (which is unbelievably good!!). It's an ice cream cake, but not Cars. Oh, well.

Here's a layout from Tuesday. I think it might be my new favorite. I used Michelle Underwood's He's Got Personality kit. This was a picture taken after he spent the…

I'm the Daddy

Camden has been playing this little game with us for the last couple of months where he wants to be the mommy or daddy and he instructs us to be "the Camden." It's fun and sweet and hilarious to hear what comes out of his mouth as he pretends to be one of us. We've been playing it alot in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday morning, Brian had been up late Monday night and up very early Tuesday working on a project for school. He left to take a shower and when he came back, Camden was at the computer typing away, looked up, and said "I'm the daddy!" He was so proud of himself. Of course, he is NEVER to touch the computer, and this was not a good time for him to do so. Brian's project was almost ruined, and he was running late and had to spend alot of time trying to fix it. The wife part of me feels really bad for him. The administrative assistant part of me says he shouldn't have waited to late to work on it! The mommy part of me thinks it's…

Bad Morning!

Boy, did this week have a rough start! Camden threw a fit this morning that started at 6:00 a.m. and lasted until 7:30! How can my boy who is soooooo sweet most of the time have such a temper and be so stubborn! I just don't know. It all started over such a small deal! He's been screeching/yelling/screaming for us at the top of his lungs when he wakes up (throughout the night as well as in the morning). We've been practicing calling for us in a normal voice. We have a monitor, can hear him even when he is barely speaking, and always respond immediately so there is no need for this horrible screeching. He's not crying or upset, mind you, just screeching for us. Well, he did this several times throughout the night, but this morning when he woke up at 6:00, I went in and calmly told him that he needed to call for me nicely and I would be happy to let him out of bed. Well, he acted like I was asking him to do something huge! He immediatley started throwing a fit - kicking …

Working again

Well, I feel like a broken record (see blog entry below). I'm working two Fridays in a row! Last week I didn't mind because it was a big meeting. Today I mind because it's because co-workers can't get their work done on time so that I can take care of a big deadline. Actually, it's been a pretty good day so far, but I would rather be home!

I joined Curves yesterday and am headed there today on my lunch hour for my first workout. My sister works there, so she's going to be my personal trainer!

Sweet Dreams Shoppe is open for business. This is a new digi-store owned and operated by Angela and Emily Powers. I'm on their creative team, and they are very sweet girls with fun designs so be sure to visit!

Be sure to visit Shabby Princess' site for a great sale this weekend. I picked up a few older kits I've been wanting as well as her newest kit Island Chic. Hope you have fun weekend plans! We're headed to my in-laws tonight for dinner. Tomorrow Brian has…

I'm a Cupcake

I've been waiting to announce this until it was "official" but I am a Cupcake! Amanda Rockwell has chosen me to be on he creative team at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I am really excited to be using her designs (and she has a cute blinkie, too!).

Our July 4th holiday was fun. We painted our living/main area and hallway on Saturday, which kept us quite busy. I'm probably stretching it a little to say that "we" painted. Brian did pretty much everything. He's a perfectionist, and things just move along more smoothly if I let him handle it. Sunday was our annual July 4th picnic at church, which is fun, but kinda long and it always just happens to be the hottest day of the year. This held true again - 96 degrees! My two sisters, brother-in-laws and twin nephews came to visit for our July 4th holiday, which was really fun. We normally don't have family around for holidays like this so we had a great time making a good dinner, playing Nertz, having a cousin photo…