First and Fourth Grade all Wrapped Up

I had two kiddos with two very different emotions Tuesday morning. Rory was bouncing off the wall, filled with excitement over Fun Day at school. Camden, on the other hand, was completely reticent. He's never a fan of the last day of school.

I snapped a picture after school because, of course.
(holding a picture from their first day of school) 
Notice the blue teeth and lips from an after-school blue raspberry slushie.


First day of school picture for comparison sake. I think Camden might be wearing the same pair of blue pants, but they're now high waters.


It hasn't necessarily been a stellar first 24 hours of summer, but things will go up from here on out.

This girl arrived last night and is spending the day with us. She's a pretty funny kid!

This is the best I have of the 3 of them. They all move so fast, and there's not enough coffee in the world today to make me wait around for all 3 to look at the camera at once.

DWTS finished off Season 18 with my favorites winning last night (Becky and I live-texted it). The Voice also finished off with my favorite winning. American Idol and Survivor finish up tonight. I might be on a roll picking winners. How will I spend all my time when all my reality TV is over this week?

I'm off to take advantage of the quiet that naptime (Addison) and media time (Camden and Rory) gives. Maybe an afternoon cup of coffee?


Well, there's always the Kardashians!!? LOL!!
Jenny Sue said…
Rory has grown a foot this year!
I love the comparison photos!!! SWEET! (And can you please tell me what “recipe” you used for that black and white?! It’s STUNNING.)

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