Tuesday Tidbits

Exactly one week from today my kids will be out of the school for the summer. I'm pretty sure I am not ready for this.

Camden isn't ready either. He's always pretty down at the end of a school year, and this one is no different.

Becky and I watched DWTS live last night so we could watch it *together.* Let's just say it's possible we're both a little too invested. And it may have kept me up last night as I internally raged against the wrong person being eliminated. :)

Growing Rory's bangs out just might do me in. Oh my stars. So not fun.

Although this picture makes it look kinda fun. She thinks she looks like a cheerleader because I've got the bangs pulled back with the rest of her hair in as high of a ponytail as I can get it with a bow on top.

Camden wrote notes to go along with our Teacher Appreciation Gifts. This one cracked me up for some reason.

We had our first experience with kids and iTunes purchases this week. To the tune of $48. Yes, that child is paying for it, which will leave him broke. It's a hard lesson, but one he needed to learn.

What happens on Sunday afternoons.

Friday both kids had events (which rarely happens) so Brian and I went out to eat at a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant I've been wanting to try and then grocery shopped. We're party animals. This guacamole and our street tacos were amazing, however. We will definitely be going back.

Someone linked to this NY Times article last week. It is well-written, but mostly heartbreaking.

And because you might need a Xanax after reading that previous article, here's one that will make you laugh: Parents At the Beginning of School vs. End of School.


Joanna B said…
We have four weeks of school left, and I am freaking out...that picture of Rory cracks me up. She is so funny!

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